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We have been running a dental business since 1994.

During our long-lasting professional practice we have developed the highest standards to be in attendance of the patients of all ages. Their health and satisfaction always come first. We value the time and comfort of each patient. For this reason, we provide both diagnostics and treatment directly in our clinics.

Moreover, we put emphasis on an individual approach to each patient and staff competence. On the top of that, we pay attention so that our stomatologists constantly mastered new skills.


Our main aim is to meet the highest quality of the services for the sake of health and well-being of all patients.


The services are provided by the group of highly-qualified dentists, hygienists and stomatologists’ personal assistants (PA). We offer a wide variety of dental services ranging from prophylaxis, conservative treatment to dental surgery treatments and implantoprosthetics as well. We provide all prosthetic works including veneers, crowns, bridgeworks, onlays, dental plates. We cooperate with prestigious dental laboratories.

To meet full expectations of our clients, we have signed up an agreement with The National Health Fund (NFZ) to provide services related to surgery and general dental treatments.

Currently, there are two clinics in Wrocław where our dental services are available. The addresses are given below:

- Czarnieckiego 13 Street;

- Kunickiego 35A Street.



Beefil 2in 1 is a device used for thermoplastic root canal filling with liquid gutta-percha. It enables fast and airtight root canal filling using a vertical condensation technique. Endodontic root canal treatment using Beefil method allows to reduce the time of treatment and it is an alternative for a traditional root canal treatment.


Endodontic micro-motor Gold Reciproc with a caecum is a professional tool which enables to develop canals precisely during an endodontic treatment. The device reduces the time of the root canal treatment. As a consequence it enables to prepare canals thoroughly to be filled with gutta-percha and minimalises the risk of breaking the tool in a canal.


Dental microscope is a device allowing to eliminate the deficiency of a human eye. Then it is likely to achieve higher precision during a treatment. Very often the success of a treatment depends on the ability to distinguish the details in the operating field. The microscope is particularly useful during an endodonic treatment. It allows to locate the mouths of root canals easily, remove broken tools and eliminate the obliteration of root canals. The microscope is also often used in prosthodontics to prepare veneers and crowns as well. Because of that we are able to verify the precision of prosthesis made in a laboratory.


Endometer is a device allowing to measure the length of a canal very precisely during an endodonic treatment. It enables to develop the canals well over their entire length.


Radiovisiography is a digital system which is based on an extremely fragile and intelligent technology of image plate reading. Instead of a traditional X-ray film we are able to receive an image plate which is much easier to be placed in a patient’s mouth. Radiovisiography enables to reduce the time of X-ray irradiation significantly. Consequently, it increases the patient’s security. The resulting image is very precise. What is more, the system eliminates the possibility of both under-and overexposure of images.


Using an intraoral film camera both a patient and a stomatologist have an opportunity to examine visually the state of dentition precisely. The image of teeth and periodontal is displayed on the screen. As a result, even the smallest cavity is well seen. The film cameras are able to reach the spaces which may not be fully perceived during an examination with a dental mirror only.


It is a device used for a very professional and precise teeth cleaning from limescale, especially as far as interdental spaces are concerned, which are apparently hard to reach spots. As a result of teeth sandblasting, which is usually an addition to scaling, we obtain the effect of clean, shiny, free of limescale and discoloration teeth.



The clinics provide a full range of dental services including prophylaxis, microscope endodontics and implantoprosthetics.

The payment for commercial services in our clinics can be made:

- in cash;

- by debit card;

- by a special system



Mediraty is a widely available system of medical services financing which enables the implementation of an optimal treatment plan and access to wide medical procedures. All commercial services can be implemented without spending patients’own funds in advance and paid in convenient instalments. If you are interested please contact our reception desk.


Full dental services have been expanded. Currently all patients can be treated on the NFZ (National Health Fund). Patients who hold valid health insurance can take advantage of a guaranteed benefit package during a dental treatment based on a contract which has been signed up with National Health Fund.

As part of guaranteed benefit package we fulfil dental health benefits including prosthetics and dental surgery.


The core of our company is a competent and highly-experienced medical staff. Professionalism, individual approach to each patient, the highest care for satisfaction and comfort causes a soaring number of pleased clients.

Our services

Cosmetic dentistry

A beautiful smile and healthy teeth will never go out of fashion. They boost our self-confidence and can create a positive image.

Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of therapeutic and aesthetic activities aiming at a perfect effect, a healthy and white smile. This is a speciality which comprises elements of prosthodontics, dentistry, surgery, implantology, orthodontics and prophylaxis. Its aim is to achieve the perfect smile and teeth of an ideal shape, colour and position as well.

As part of cosmetic dentistry we handle among others:

  • high quality tooth restoration with light-curing composite materials;
  • tooth restoration on fiberglass;
  • porcelain veneers;
  • crowns and all ceramic bridgeworks;
  • inlay, onlay;
  • prosthetic restoration on implants;
  • whitening;
  • sandblasting;
  • tooth jewellery.

Mentioned speciality deals with a caries disease, to cut it short. In the light of a lot of scientific research, caries is one of the most common diseases in the world. It has been estimated that in Poland over 90% of people above the age of 18 suffer from it. What’s more, approximately 76% of children at the age of 6 are affected by the disease.

In our clinics we treat using the latest technology, especially composite materials which reflect the tooth structure the best. Given that, it is possible to restore aesthetically every lost tooth.

As part of dentistry we offer:

  • restoration of cavities with light-curing composite materials;
  • broken tooth restoration on fiberglass;
  • cosmetic filling which reflects anatomical tooth structure;
  • sensitive teeth treatment;
  • endodontic treatment;
  • dental enamel hypoplasia treatment.
Stomatology for children

A child is a special patient whose health always come first. They require a lot of patience an individual approach as the visit at the dentist’s is usually very stressful for most children. Bear in mind to bring your offspring to the dentists as soon as it is possible, even when there are not any signs of caries disease yet.

Pedodontics (stomatology for children) deals with treating teeth, both milk and adult ones, which ought to be controlled by a dentist, especially while developing. As part of pedodontics we cope with treating milk teeth cavities including endodontic treatment of milk teeth, caries disease treatment of adult teeth and prophylaxsy. We should take into account that even though milk teeth are to develop into adult teeth, it would be better to let them stay in the mouth as long as it is possible, until adult teeth appear. Too quick loss of milk teeth, can result in a lot of problems with occlusion or a position of adult teeth in the mouth.

As part of stomatology for children we offer, for instance:

  • adaptive visits;
  • filling the cavities with light-curing composite materials;
  • colorful filling with light-curing composite materials (milk teeth);
  • endodontic treatment of both milk and adult teeth;
  • sealing grooves on the surface of chewing teeth with sealer consisting of fluoride;
  • coating the teeth with fluoride materials;
  • fluoridation;
  • extraction of milk teeth;
  • anesthesia with flavoured gel;
  • lessons how to brush teeth properly and education how to care about dental hygiene.

It is a speciality of stomatology which deals with prophylaxsy, oral mucosa and tissues surrounding teeth treatment. Healthy periodontal tissues  (e.g. gums) are the pillar of our teeth. That is why we have to take care of them very carefully. The most frequent periodontal diseases is periodontosis which damages the pillar of our teeth. As a result we may lose teeth which are still healthy. The key issue is proper dental hygiene and regular treatments which prevent the plaque and dental calculus appearance.

Apex clinics offer periodontal services such as:

  • controlled tissue regeneration-a treatment aiming at bones restoration using biomaterials;
  • teeth splinting aiming at minimalizing the pathological tooth mobility and loss prevention;
  • treatment of changes in the oral mucosa;
  • scaling-dental calculus and trays removal;
  • curretage -sub-and supragingival;
  • rinsing periodontal pockets.

As the name indicates, it aims at disease prevention. It involves a range of treatments carried out at the dentist’s and by a patient himself/herself at home. Taking care of dental hygiene and regular preventative treatments at the dentist’s not less than every 6 month is of utmost importance when we are willing to retain healthy, strong and white teeth. We should bear in mind  that even the best stomatological treatment doesn’t guarantee beautiful teeth unless we use prophylaxis and dental hygiene.

As part of prophylaxis in our clinics we use:

  • detailed teeth overview which is a must to take further preventative measures or/and treatment in our mouth;
  • lessons how to brush teeth properly and advice on dental hygiene;
  • professional scaling dental calculus and plaque removal;
  • sandblasting;
  • sealing-coating grooves on the surface of chewing teeth with light-curing composite materials;
  • teeth varnishing-coating the teeth surface with special varnish where fluorine is released from;
  • fluoridation - a treatment with a material containing fluor aiming at bracing teeth enamel.


During every-day dental hygiene we should always remember to:

  • brush our teeth at least twice a day after meals;
  • use adjusted to age toothbrushes and replace them every 3 month for new ones;
  • use toothpaste containing fluor in quantity adjusted to age (especially in case of children);
  • use dental floss which enables to remove food from interdental spaces;
  • use mouthwashes as a supplement of brushing;
  • use a diet rich in calcium (especially in case of children);
  • reduce the amount of sweets and fizzy drinks.

White, shiny teeth are the sign of health. They boost self-confidence and make us smile wide and more often. Our clinics offer professional whitening treatments. As a result within an hour you may become an owner of a beautiful smile. While preparing to be undergone a treatment we ought to remember to have our teeth reviewed and cleaned. Scaling and sandblasting themselves give a fresh feeling and has a great impact on the appearance of our teeth.

We offer different methods of whitening including:

- whitening in our clinics

A stomatologist covers teeth with special whitening gel whose ingredients are activated under the influence of cold light. The teeth which are exposed to the impact of active components are a few shades brighter within even an hour. The treatment is completely safe as it is all the time under the stomatologist’s control. During the treatment the patient’s gums are specially protected with a substance against some irritation.

- overlay whitening

It is done by a patient at home. At the beginning a stomatologist gest dental impression of patient’s teeth so as the laboratory could develop a special overlay which is going to be filled with whitening gel. Then after some tuition a patient can do everything by themselves at home. The time when first effects are visible is approximately from 10 to 14 days. While applying the whitening gel, the patient should make an appointment to control the treatment.


The effect of whitening when we listen to doctor’s advice , use prophylaxsy and  proper oral hygiene can last about 2-3 years.

Picture diagnosis

Nowadays it is a standard to use picture diagnosis in stomatology. It enables to examine carefully the patients’ teeth, especially before dental surgeries and during endodonic treatment. In our clinics we take pictures using high- quality digital radiovisiography (RVG) which sends a picture directly to the computer screen. The quality of a picture and detailed projection of anatomical tooth structure is comparably higher than a picture taken on traditional plate. RVG system prevents under- and overexposure of a picture. It is safe for the patient because it highly reduces the applied X-ray dose.

Implantoprosthetics is the latest method to regain a beautiful smile. Its biggest asset is a possibility to complete the lack of a single tooth without a need to grind neighbouring teeth which is a must in case of porcelain bridgeworks. It is also a perfect solution for people who lack in all teeth enabling to apply other alternatives rather than a traditional denture. An implant replaces a fang which is a base for lacking tooth which is going to be prosthetically rebuilt on further stage.

Moreover, dentures or bridgeworks can be bedded on implants as well. Thanks to this solution, patients who lack in all teeth are not forced to wear moving dentures anymore. The implant itself is made of titanium what minimalises the risk of being rejected by the human organism. In this field we cooperate with experienced experts and prestigious prosthetic laboratories. The implant treatment itself is entirely safe and painless due to the fact that it is done under local anesthesia.

On one hand it is a speciality dealing with regaining chewing functions by completing single or plural teeth. On the other hand, it offers the improvement of teeth size and shape. As a result it enhances the beauty of our smile. Bear in mind that aside from the aesthetic aspect which negatively influences our mood and self-esteem, the lack of teeth causes a disorder of chewing functions what has a great impact on patient’s health and everyday life.

As part of prosthetics we offer a range of solutions:

  • porcelain veneers;
  • crowns and bridgeworks-on metal, precious metals and full ceramic;
  • inlay, onlay;
  • contributions crown-root treatment;
  • frame dentures, settling dentures;
  • denture repair;
  • prosthetic rebuilt on implants.

Root canal treatment is a result of very serious caries, pulp necrosis and severe tooth fractures. It can be also advisable and necessary before performing a prosthetic work, e.g. ceramic crown. Endodonic treatment involves thorough cleaning of root canals which are diseased and fulfilling these root canals with special material precisely and tightly.

In our clinics endodonic treatment is performed under miscroscope control. To complete it successfully we use an endometer – a device used to measure root canals’ length. We apply  picture diagnosis on every stage while using digital radiovisiography. Given all these measures, a stomatologist can assess the quality and tightness of dental fillings. At the end of the process we rebuild a tooth crown with light-curing composite materials.

It does not only mean extracting teeth damaged by a caries disease. It involves other minor surgery mouth treatments. Very often they prepare a patient for a further prosthetic or orthodontic treatment.

We offer a full range of surgery treatments including tooth extraction, resection, periodontal miscrosurgery and implantology as well, for instance:

  • resection of root tips;
  • hemisection;
  • extraction of retained teeth;
  • teeth extraction;
  • extraction of tooth root residue;
  • alveolopasty;
  • undercutting of frenulum;
  • teeth extraction due to orthodontic reasons;
  • plactic surgery of oral-sinus connection;
  • abscesses cutting;
  • bone defects fulfillment with biomaterial what stimulates bone revovery;
  • applications of implants.


All mentioned treatments are done under local or wired anesthesia. We use the best quality anesthetics.

On customer request we are willing to apply general anesthesia.

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Czarnieckiego Kunickiego


Poniżej przedstawiamy Państwu galerię zdjęć naszego Centrum Stomatologicznego Apex. Elegancka poczekalnia, kompleksowo wyposażone gabinety dentystyczne oraz doświadczony personel i miła atmosfera sprawiają, że każdy Pacjent czuje się u nas komfortowo. Nie zapomnieliśmy również o najmłodszych Pacjentach. Z myślą o nich przygotowaliśmy kącik zabaw.



Apex Centrum Stomatologiczne

Nasze centrum stomatologiczne posiada dwie placówki na terenie Wrocławia. Jedna z nich mieści się w centrum Wrocławia przy ulicy Czarnieckiego, nieopodal ulicy Legnickiej. Przychodnia ta posiada 3 gabinety stomatologiczne oraz pracownię RTG. Druga, znajdująca się w dzielnicy Muchobór Wielki przy ulicy Kunickiego, mieści 4 gabinety i pracownię RTG. Nasi stomatolodzy z pewnością rozwiążą wszelkie Państwa problemy proponując odpowiednie leczenie. W celu zapisania się na wizytę prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny lub za pomocą formularza. Dołożymy wszelkich starań, by zarezerwować dla Państwa najdogodniejszy termin i godzinę spotkania.


Czarnieckiego 13 street, 53-650 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 355 44 54
mobile: +48 661 390 244


Kunickiego 35A street , 54-616 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 353 00 33
mobile: +48 506 054 544


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